Docker Add-On

Docker is a CRI (Container Runtime Interface). If Docker is not used, an alternative CRI must be used in its place. See containerd documentation for more information.

Kubenetes 1.24.0+ does not support Dockershim, therefore you must use an alternative CRI, such as containerd, instead.

For disk requirements, see Add-on Directory Disk Space Requirements.

Advanced Install Options

    version: "19.03.10"
    bypassStorageDriverWarnings: false
    hardFailOnLoopback: false
    noCEOnEE: false
    daemonConfig: |
          "exec-opts": ["native.cgroupdriver=systemd"]
    preserveConfig: false

Flag Usage
version The version of docker to be installed.
bypassStorageDriverWarnings Bypass Docker warnings when using the devicemapper storage driver in loopback mode.
hardFailOnLoopback Set to false to allow installation to proceed when Docker is detected to be using the devicemapper storage driver in loopback mode. By default the installer will abort when loopback mode is detected because of instability.
noCEOnEE Disable installation of Docker CE onto platforms it does not support - RHEL, SLES and Oracle Linux.
daemonConfig This is where a docker daemon.json config may be added as a string field.
preserveConfig This flag will ensure that nothing is changed in the existing docker config on the system, regardless of other options.
dockerRegistryIP This is the location of the docker registry, used by additional nodes during a join script. It is not customizable by the user during an initial install.