Containerd Add-On

Containerd is the recommended CRI (Container Runtime Interface). If docker was previously installed and containerd is enabled in the yaml spec, then the cluster will be migrated to containerd and docker will be uninstalled.

As CentOS, RHEL and Oracle Linux 8.x do not support Docker, the Containerd CRI is required.

Containerd 1.4.8+ has dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04.

About Containerd upgrades

If you are planning to upgrade your Containerd installation, it is highly recommended that you refer to the relevant documentation page for guidance and best practices.

Host Package Requirements

The following host packages are required for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and Rocky Linux 9:

  • bash
  • libseccomp
  • libzstd
  • systemd

Advanced Install Options

    version: 1.4.6
    preserveConfig: false
    tomlConfig: |
        "level" = "info"

Flag Usage
version The version of containerd to be installed
tomlConfig Containerd config settings that will be merged into /etc/containerd/config.toml
preserveConfig This flag will ensure that nothing is changed in the existing containerd config on the system, regardless of other options.