Advanced Options

The install scripts are idempotent. Re-run the scripts with different flags to change the behavior of the installer.

Flag Usage
airgap Do not attempt outbound Internet connections while installing
bypass-storagedriver-warnings Bypass all Docker storagedriver warnings
bootstrap-token Authentication token used by kubernetes when adding additional nodes
bootstrap-token-ttl TTL of the bootstrap-token
ceph-pool-replicas Replication factor of ceph pools. Default is based on number of ready nodes if unset.
disable-contour If present, disables the deployment of the Contour ingress controller
disable-prometheus If present, disables the deployment of Prometheus monitoring components
disable-rook Do not deploy the Rook add-on
encrypt-network Disable network encryption with encrypt-network=0
ha Install in multi-master mode
hard-fail-on-loopback If present, aborts the installation if devicemapper on loopback mode is detected
http-proxy If present, then use proxy
ip-alloc-range Customize the range of IPs assigned to pods
load-balancer-address IP:port of a load balancer for the K8s API servers in ha mode
service-cidr Customize the range of virtual IPs assigned to services
no-docker Skip docker installation
no-proxy If present, do not use a proxy
public-address The public IP address
private-address The private IP address
no-ce-on-ee Disable installation of Docker CE onto platforms it does not support - RHEL, SLES and Oracle Linux
reset Uninstall Kubernetes
storage-class The name of an alternative StorageClass that will provision storage for PVCs