Registry Add-On

Docker registry is an OCI compatible image registry. This add-on deploys it to the kurl namespace.

Advanced Install Options

    version: "2.7.1"
    publishPort: 5000

Flag Usage
version The version of registry to be installed.
publishPort Add a NodePort service to the registry.

Registry Storage Backends

When installed as part of a kURL spec that contains an object store (e.g., Rook or MinIO), the Registry add-on will use that API as a storage backend. If an object store is not available, a persistent volume (PV) will be used as the storage backend. Migrations are performed on upgrade/re-install from an object store to a PV if both of the following are true:

  1. The object store (e.g., Rook or MinIO) is completely removed from the installer spec.
  2. The kotsadm.disableS3 flag is set to true in the installer spec.

For object store backends, 2 replicas of the registry service are deployed by default.

For PVC backends, 1 replica will be used with a ReadWriteOnce PVC.