Registry Add-On

Docker registry is an OCI compatible image registry. This add-on deploys it to the kurl namespace.

Advanced Install Options

    version: "2.7.1"
    publishPort: 5000

Flag Usage
version The version of registry to be installed.
publishPort Add a NodePort service to the registry.

Registry Storage Backends

When installed as part of a kURL spec that contains an object store (e.g., Rook or MinIO), the Registry add-on will use that API as a storage backend. If an object store is not available, a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) will be used as the storage backend. Once an object storage backend is selected, future kURL upgrades will not modify this selection. There is currently no migration path between storage backends.

For object store backends, 2 replicas of the registry service are deployed by default.

For PVC backends, 1 replica will be used with a ReadWriteOnce PVC.