MinIO Add-On

MinIO is an S3-compatible object storage server. It runs as a single replica Deployment backed by a PVC. A secret named minio-credentials will also be created in the same namespace with the access key and secret key for using the server.

Advanced Install Options

    version: "latest"
    namespace: "minio"
    hostPath: /mnt/nfs_share

Flag Usage
version The version of minio to be installed.
namespace Changes the namespace in which minio will be installed into.
hostPath Configure minio to use a local hostPath for storing data.
claimSize Sets the size of the PVC used by minio, defaulting to '10Gi'.

Migration from Rook

If Rook was previously installed but is no longer specified in the kURL spec and MinIO is specified instead, MinIO will migrate data from Rook's object store to MinIO.

If OpenEBS or Longhorn is also specified in the new kURL spec and completes its migration process successfully, Rook will be removed to free up resources.

High Availability

By default, and upon initial installation, MinIO runs as a single replica and relies on the storage it uses being available on every node.

When there is non-distributed storage available on at least three nodes, EKCO will upgrade MinIO to run 6 replicas in a highly-available fashion. While this upgrade is in process, MinIO will temporarily go offline. If this migration fails, it will be retried but MinIO will remain offline until it succeeds.