Kurl Add-On

For disk space requirements, see Core Directory Disk Space Requirements.

Advanced Install Options

apiVersion: cluster.kurl.sh/v1beta1
kind: Installer
    airgap: true
    - .corporate.internal
    noProxy: false
    licenseURL: https://somecompany.com/license-agreement.txt
    skipSystemPackageInstall: false
    excludeBuiltinHostPreflights: false
      apiVersion: troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2
      kind: HostPreflight
          - cpu: {}
          - cpu:
              checkName: Number of CPU check
                - warn:
                    when: "count < 6"
                    message: This server has less than 6 CPU cores
                - fail:
                    when: "count < 4"
                    message: This server has less than 4 CPU cores
                - pass:
                    when: "count >= 6"
                    message: This server has at least 6 CPU cores

Flag Usage
airgap This flag signifies that the installer will use an airgap bundle to install the file, which means it will not need an internet connection.
proxyAddress Configures Docker to use a proxy when pulling images and sets proxy environment variables for the kotsadm add-on. Must include http(s) and may include port.
noProxy If present, do not use a proxy. Disables automatic proxy detection and configuration.
additionalNoProxyAddresses A list of addresses that can be accessed without using a proxy.
nameserver Configures CoreDNS to forward DNS requests to a specific nameserver rather than parsing resolv.conf
publicAddress The public IP address that will be added to the SANs of any certificates generated for host services. Setting this disables detection from the environment and prompt.
privateAddress The private IP address used for internal communication between components. Setting this disables detection from the host and prompt.
hostnameCheck This is an option for use during a join script to ensure that the join is only run on the node it is targeted for.
installerVersion The release version of kURL to install with.
licenseURL A URL to a licensing agreement text file that will be presented during installation and needs to be accepted for the install to continue.
hostPreflightEnforceWarnings Block installations on host preflight failures and warnings.
hostPreflightIgnore Ignore host preflight failures and warnings.
hostPreflights A troubleshoot.sh/v1beta2 spec for adding additional preflight checks prior to a kURL installation.
skipSystemPackageInstall Skip the installation of system packages.
excludeBuiltinHostPreflights Excludes the default built-in host preflights for kURL. Defaults to false.