Antrea Add-On deprecated

Deprecation Notice

This add-on is deprecated.

As of March 27, 2023, the Antrea add-on is deprecated. The Antrea add-on might be removed from kURL after June 31st, 2023. Existing installations that use the Antrea add-on are supported during this deprecation window. We recommend that you remove the Antrea add-on on or before June 31st, 2023 and instead use the Flannel add-on.


Antrea implements the Container Network Interface (CNI) to enable pod networking in a Kubernetes cluster. It also functions as a NetworkPolicy controller to optionally enforce security at the network layer. Antrea is implemented with Open vSwitch and IPSec.

By default, Antrea encrypts traffic between nodes. kURL does not install the necessary kernel modules to enable traffic encryption. An installer is blocked if encryption is enabled and the host does not have the required wireguard module installed. If you do not want to install wireguard manually, you can disable encryption by setting isEncryptionDisabled to true.

Advanced Install Options

    version: "1.4.0"
    isEncryptionDisabled: true
    podCIDR: ""
    podCidrRange: "/22"

Flag Usage
version The version of antrea to be installed.
isEncryptionDisabled Encrypt network communication between nodes in the cluster.
podCIDR The subnet used by Pods.
podCidrRange The size of the subnet used by Pods.